DIMITRA VAMIALI (click here for more images)

what do you call a camel at the north pole?

21. 1. 2006 - 4. 3. 2006

vamiali’s is proud to present the solo show of Greek artist Dimitra Vamiali titled “what do you call a camel at the north pole?-lost”

Dimitra Vamiali creates a site specific paradoxical environment for the gallery space. This new installation consists of small scale paintings and 3 dimensional works where domesticity meets artificial nature and pornography meets design. These new works house each other, growing up an area where a breed of investigations act among the already known artists’ vocabulary.

Vamiali uses a variety of ready mades -patterns and mingles many cultural realities and references from present and recent past. There is an image saturation, in her practise, which only leads to selection and pleasure and where narration is not dependent on representation and self reference is not dependent on procedure. She creates works that are open to translations, works with an identity crisis of what they are, how are they being defined, if they could be interpreted. She uses given images from history of art, popular culture and the mass media in her paintings and creates a new narration which deals with relationships about control, domination, definition, organised systems and hierarchy. The acceptance of vulnerability, the instant loss of control, the amechania, the confusion, the illusion of the expectation for something that will not happen, are some of the issues that the artist is dealing with. With an almost controlled gesture she presents renderings from different post consumer leftovers that are introvert critics of the cultural product, and tries to elevate them from small things into important moments. In her works the final result gets away from the original point of departure. If the beauty of the image meets difficulty in its reproduction that forms part of the initial “plan”. By recycling specific images (the image of a punk, pornography, artificial nature, design), and recognisable typesetting, she redefines and transforms their meaning.

Vamiali organises the physical space like she arranges the street experience. With her small scale sculptural installations unfolds a "black and white" world which is in constant development, just to escape from it. She interferes in “ready mades” by creating an anthology of different varieties of new objects where design and artificial nature meet sentiments. She tries to “shake” any given perception and possible reading, any order and disorder with a humorous way. There is something liberating in her need to fish feelings from the recipe of the modern banality by discovering its charm and its poetic side. Vamiali’s works negotiate the fact that the mass use of the recipe and the formula is an attempt to control the world. Like the joke with the camel at the north pole.