Dimitra Vamiali

Born in Athens.     

Lives and works in Athens.


1987-90 Psychology studies, Deree college, American College of Greece.

1990-91 Foundation course, Waltham Forest College of Art & Design.

1991-94 BA Honours Fine Art, University of East London.

 1995-97 MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths’ College, University of London.




Kingston University, Foundation Course, London


Thomas Buxton School, London




Portway Junior school project, London.

73 Years Later, Greengate House, site specific installation, London


Memphis club, commissioned project, Athens


I May Be Short But At Least I'm Pretty & The Party, Kappatos gallery, Athens


Picnic 2001: Cosmopolitan Dreams, AD gallery, Athens, (brochure)


street sign I & II, site specific installation, The Breeder Projects, Athens

perfection may lead to delirium, AD gallery, Athens


“what do you call a camel at the north pole?-lost”, Vamiali’s gallery, Athens


Labretta soundtrap, Vamiali’s gallery, Athens


The Fine Qualities of the Distresed Paper, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens

Editions Double Standards, Lefas Municipal Gallery, Athens 




Seven In The Gallery, University of East London gallery

Inside Out, Business Design Centre, London.

Videos And Installations, London Filmmakers Cooperation, London


Outpost project, FAT, Venice Biennale

Stockholm Smart Show, Icebox gallery, Stockholm

Country Code, Bravin Post Lee gallery, New York


The Dean Street Garage Sale, Townsend House, London


Loops, The Soap Factory, Athens (cat.).

Costume Jewellery, To Be Continued... Sofia Vamiali, Kreonidis gallery, Athens


Show Me The Money I, 8 Duke Mews, London, curated by Goshka Macuga

Show Me The Money III, 8 Duke Mews, London, curated by Goshka Macuga

Cluster Bomb, Morrison Judd gallery, London


Cosmotel : The Ideal Home of the Artist,  F.O.K.A. gallery - Thessaloniki;

Ursula Kopka gallery - Ioannina; Ermoupoli gallery – Siros, curated by Maria Papadimitriou

Allergies, Bee Project, Athens.

Kiss From Greece II, galerie Edition Stalzer, Vienna, (cat.),curated by Birgitt Hoffmeister & Maria Papadimitriou

Magic Software, Old Gazworks-Athens, Milos-Thessaloniki, (cat.)

Cave, Sali Gia gallery, London

Objecthood 00, Hellenic American Union - Athens; Rethymnon Centre For Contemporary Art - Crete, (cat.)


The Post Card Project, The Sharjah Arts Museum, United Arab Emirates

Kiss From Greece III, galerie Wohnmaschine, Berlin, (cat.), curated by Birgitt Hoffmeister & Maria Papadimitriou

Hostia- Pa D’Angel- Antidoron, Hellenic American Union - Athens, (cat.)

Beyond Zero, Project Room, Nice


Paragraphs & Paradigms, Art Centre, Munich

Mirroring, American College of Athens, Athens

Freie Wahlen, Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden Baden

New Works, Contemporary Art Tour, Amsterdam

Beauties, Studio 22, Torino

OPEN PLAN P3- the marathon, AD + Artio galleries, Athens (cat.), curated by Sofia Vamiali


Looking for heroes, The Breeder, Athens (cat.)

In small scale, AD, Artio and aantonopoulou galleries, Athens


Sculpture you love, Lab Art Projects, Athens (cat.), curated by Marina Athanassiadou

6th Sharjah International Biennial, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, UAE (cat.), curated by Peter Lewis and Hoor al Qasimi


Art now, Zina Athanassiadou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (cat.), curated by Marina Athanassiadou

Athens; Mitropolis by accident, Cheap art + Bios, Athens; De Kiriko Foundation, Volos (cat.), curated by Olinka Milliaressi-Foka

Domestic Alien, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens (cat.), curated by Kostis Velonis

Soul’s Destinations, Egli, Zappio, (cat.), curated by Olinka Milliaressi-Foka

Manderlay, Hotel Astoria, Thessaloniki


Battles and more..., Vamiali’s gallery, Athens


Architectural Transparencies, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens, (cat.), curated by Christina Petrinou

 An outing, The Beltsios Collection, Contemporary Art in Greece in the 21st century, Matsopoulos Mill, Trikala, (cat.), curated by Sotiris Bahtsetzis


Emergency Room, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens

New Works, Contemporary Art Tour, Cologne

About Cyprus, House of Cyprus, Athens, (cat.)

Life to the full, ReMap KM Project, Athens, coordinated by Chloe Vaitsou

Late night fiction, off site project by Vamiali’s, Agisilaou 61A, Athens

Metatopisis, Martinos Gallery, Athens, curated by Christina Petrinou


Common View, Part II, National Theatre, Athens, curated by Ghislaine Dantan & Eleni Koukou

Common View, Part III, National Theatre, Athens, curated by Ghislaine Dantan & Eleni Koukou

Athensville, Art Athina-Parallel plan, Athens, (cat.), curated by Marina Fokidis

And Now?, Greek State Museum, Thessaloniki, (cat.), curated by Christina Petrinou


KUNSTHALLE ATHENA – THE BAR, Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, curated by Marina Fokidis


Reach the sky, ReMap KM Project 3, Athens

Greek Contemporary Woman, The Hub, Athens, curated by Marina Fokidis


THE ARTIST & THE PRACTICE!, Vamiali’s gallery, Athens

Paradise Lost, Art-athina 2013, (cat.), curated by Artemis Potamianou

Strategies, The Workshop, Nottingham, curated by Melanie Hill

New Works, Contemporary Art Tour, Zurich

Nostalgia Nervosa, State of Concept, ReMap KM Project 4, Athens, curated by Iliana Fokianaki


Renaissance Stories, organised by NEON, Athens Festival Peiraios 260, Athens, curated by Dimitris Paleocrassas

Sunset in Athens (part three), Vamiali's gallery, Athens

Dimitra Vamiali works also in the gap between artist, curator and writer to create spaces of potentiality, as an aspect of the experience of individuation, “becoming” complex and in flux. Throughout her work as both an artist and curator, Dimitra Vamiali seems to attempt to trace the parameters and dimensions that hold the potential for change and transformation. Since 2004 she is part of Vamiali's gallery established by Sofia Vamiali where they have organised solo and group exhibitions with international contemporary artists.