27. 03. 2004 - 15. 05. 2004

vamiali’s is pleased to present a group exhibition titled THE DRAWING PROJECT.
Participating artists:
Diann Bauer (USA), Nayland Blake (USA), Dustin Ericksen (USA), Maria Finn (Sweden), Moyna Flannigan (Scotland), Liam Gillick (UK), Sophie Von Hellermann (Germany), Taraneh Hemami (Iran), Lothar Hempel (Germany), Paul Hosking (UK), DeAnna Maganias (Greece), Group Mel-air (China, Egypt, New Zealand), Aleksandra Mir (Poland - USA), Dimitris Papaioannou (Greece), Philippe Parreno (Algeria - France), Socratis Socratous (Cyprus), Lee Triming (UK), Richard Woods (UK), Johan Zetterquist (Sweden).

The DRAWING PROJECT is an exhibition dedicated to drawing. Like a celebration of the drawing, this project features more than 35 works of 20 artists from 14 countries.

In times where digital image is a dominant culture, (easy for all of us), back to drawing seems just a reverie. Is any artist out there who never but never used drawing to describe, prepare, proceed or propose an actual piece of work? The drawing is the point of reference for proposed or accomplished works, it could become the actual work or just indicates the way to it. Sketch, design, proposal, note or study deserve our attention once more. It is the human line and is alive.

The participants artists approached the idea for the exhibition in various ways. The works of The Drawing Project are broadly diverse, they vary in technique, medium, size and imagery but they share a common impulse. From the proposals for constructions and installations of Ericksen, Hosking, Maganias or Hemami to the anthropocentric water-colours or pencil drawings of Finn, Flannigan, Von Hellermann, Hempel, Zetterquist and Bauer, and from the studies with conceptual references of Blake, Triming and Mir to complex scenarios between narration and abstraction of Parreno, Group Mel-air and Socratous, and to notes for public projects and performances of Gillick and Papaioannou (art director for the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympics Games, Athens 2004) the art presented in this exhibition refers more to the life around us (information, communication, narration, or description) conjuring up new imaginary worlds.