Happy Break #5 parallel events at Vamiali’s gallery, 1st floor

A-C studio, Ghislaine Dantan, Spyros Drakos, Yiannis Ghikas, Marianna Hatzinikolaou, Emmanuelle Mafille, Sofia Vamiali.


Private view Thursday 24 May 2012, from 19:00

24 May – 22 September 2012

Tuesday – Saturday 12:00-18:00

On Thursday, May 24, Vamiali's gallery opens the “Happy Break # 5” showcases works by designers A-C studio, Ghislaine Dantan, Spyros Drakos, Yiannis Ghikas, Sofia Vamiali and illustrator Emmanuelle Mafille. Alongside Marianna Hatzinikolaou presents her new book for young people.

"Happy Breaks" are a series of parallel with the main exhibition program, events where invited designers, artists, writers and creators present their ideas, applied art and design works, publications etc. These events form a pontium in order to highlight various aspects of different disciplines as creativity’s natural development, to promote their cohabitation with contemporary art and, also, to emphasize their inspiration from it.

For the Happy Break # 5 a large-scale installation will be constructed on the first floor of the gallery, from various materials, an environment with references to architecture and with visible traces of gallery’s previous exhibitions. The installation will provide a creative platform where the works of designers appear and coexist in an organized and simultaneously wide podium where the intersections of different styles share the personal approach of each creator.

AC studio presents a new series of ceramics for everyday use, humorous, smart and easy.

Ghislaine Dantan collects for her jewelry, vintage elements from semi-precious metal from antique shops and flea markets in Greece and abroad, creating magical compositions in unexpected combinations.

Artist and illustrator Emmanuelle Mafille uses the jewelry of Ghislaine Dantan as her starting point. She creates a series of drawings for her new catalogue/publication, published in limited copies. A very special edition with drawings, photographs and prints of jewelry that highlights the collaboration of two artists.

Sofia Vamiali presents her latest jewelry collection with vivid colors, handmade chains and large elements that combine the style of Bauhaus school with patterns influenced by the traditional costumes of central Africa and Latin America regions.

In contrast, Yiannis Ghikas designs and presents a man's ring titled "Out of sight", from platinum silver, where the decorative pattern is placed on the inside, unavailable for immediate viewing.

Spyros Drakos creates a new line of handmade jewel boxes and lights from plain wood and lacquered in white, yellow and blue, characteristic colors used by the designer. The handmade approach is characterized by integrity and excellence in manufacturing.

Marianna Hatzinikolaou presents the French book for young people “Io and the nice costumes”. Having ancient Greece as her departure point, notably the Minoan, Io meets with the flora, fauna and mythology. Every page and another outfit! Read, color and inspired by antiquity, along with Io.