Late night fiction

Sam Herbert, Dani Jakob, Janice Kerbel, Karen Kilimnik, Dimitra Vamiali, Richard Woods

13. 9. 2007 - 3. 11. 2007

Opening Thursday 13 September 2007
Agisilaou 61A, Keramikos, Athens 104 35 (Hellas)

13 September - 3 November 2007 Thursday - Saturday 15.00-22.00

vamiali’s gallery, the first gallery that’s located in Metaxourgio, is pleased to present the off site project titled “Late night fiction” in the new space at Agisilaou 61A, Keramikos, extending its activities in the wider area.

"Late night fiction" concentrates mainly on works from private collections and new works of most artists as well as a site-specific installation by British artist Richard Woods. The works have different points of departure. The historical references that become patterns of development or repetition, the reality and the fantasy, memory and its effects, the structure of narration, the relation between spirituality, design and geometry are some of the issues that the participant artists are dealing with.

Installation days

Sam Herbert, Richard Woods, Dimitra Vamiali

Sam Herbert, Richard Woods

Karen Kilimnik, Richard Woods

Dimitra Vamiali, Richard Woods

Richard Woods

Janice Kerbel

Dani Jakob

Dimitra Vamiali, Sam Herbert

Opening day