On the Blocks

Private view Wednesday 22 February 2012

22 February – 24 March 2012

Tuesday – Friday 12:00-18:00 Saturday 12:00-16:00

Vamiali's gallery presents the site specific graffiti project titled "On the Blocks" with artists APSET, BLAQK, BOOHAHA, ΜΙΝΤONE, RTMone.

Coordinated by Anneta Papadatou.

“The idea came up as a challenge to transfer the initial exterior graffiti action, into interior space”. A specially structure will be built, within the gallery space, with YTONG blocks, a primary building material used in construction, in order to create a double space by partitions and surfaces which will constitute the "canvas" upon which the installation will take place. The artists are invited to participate in a unique creative action to create new works on the surfaces of partitions, just as if they work in the exterior walls of buildings in the wider urban landscape. Each artist will create a large-scale project inspired by his very own signature and visual identity. The result, ephemeral or permanent, will be completed just before the opening of the exhibition to an in situ installation where each project is a proposal than could be examined both individually and as a whole.

Artists APSET, BLAQK, BOOHAHA, MINTONE and RTMone, in an individual and collective mode, will test their ability of their personal style with humor and creativity while interacting with the space itself, presenting an installation that is flexible and in progress. Visitors are invited to wander inside the gallery space where graffiti comes to life as if it was in its’ natural environment and becomes a discovery of dense information, literally and metaphorically. The artists are called to decode and grant their own meaning on this “illegal” way of expression. Alongside the main installation and having graffiti as their starting point and source technique, the participating artists will showcase a series of drawings and artwork on different media and applications.

Sponsors: YTONG, Montana Cans, Amstel Premium Pilsener.

On the Blocks (the making of)


Basement: RTMone

1st Floor: Blaqk, Apset


1st Floor: Boohaha, Mintone





1st Floor:Black books by (clockwise) Boohaha, Blaqk (Greg Papagrigoriou), Mintone, RTMone, Blaqk (Simek), Apset.