vamiali’s @ Remap [KM]

"Life to the full"

Opening Saturday 8 September 2007
Leonidou 36, Metaxourgio, Athens, Greece

8 September - 24 November 2007

vamiali’s gallery is pleased to present the off-site group show titled “Life to the full” in the open lot at Leonidou 36 at Metaxourgio area with participating artists:
Group Mel-air, Mohammed Hamdi, Melanie Hill, Liz Kang, Robert Nixon, Ruby Osorio, Susan Spies, Dimitra Vamiali.

“Life to the full” is part of REmap [KM], a project/ programme that will take place from September - November 2007, in various sites at the Keramikos/Metaxourgio (KM) downtown district of Athens. Creative direction & project coordination: Chloe Vaitsou.
“Life to the full” will be a work in progress, an installation that will encourage experimentation. The works that will participate will address issues of the “problematic“ or not relationship between the viewer and the work in the public space. It will be a “surprise” exhibition that will allow possibilities for transformation and alteration, always unpredictable and in flux. Almost on a day to day basis, a fresh “surprise” might be added to the installation and breed the story, like a visual diary notebook. This changing process may or may not follow a narration. “Life to the full” will be open 24 hours.

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Installation day (photo © Ruby Osorio)